CONTACT Yungo Media is a full-service agency that offers the complete range of traditional branding and marketing services, while specializing in high-end video production and app development that can transform your business image. We generate the kind of ideas that help to refine or redefine your brand. Our dynamism, energy and winning ideas make businesses want us working on their image and strategy. Contact us today to get started on your next video, app or ad campaign to uplift your business and separate you from your competitors.
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Video is the language of our era, and the language of business today. There's nothing that conveys a point quite like video. Getting visits to your website is great, but to keep them there and make them believe that you, above all else, are the one that they should be buying from is the real goal. Video can powerfully grab and engage your audience within 30-60 seconds and leave a lasting impression on customers far and wide like nothing else. Now is the time to use the impactful language of video to your business advantage. Whether it's a 30-second TV spot or a 30-minute business overview, think Yungo Media. Yungo Media. Transforming your business image.
Even in today’s modern business climate, with digital marketing proliferating rapidly, most successful businesses still rely significantly on print materials to market their business effectively. There’s still no replacement for business cards, physical flyers, brochures, billboard ads, or even ads in the newspaper. That said, if you’re making the investment to print thousands of flyers, place an ad in a newspaper to be seen by thousands, or book a billboard for big bucks, then you’ve got to be sure that you’ve got the right, elegant, high-impact, appealing design. And the same principle, of wanting everything your company produces to look elegant, appealing and professional, still holds for every other print-form material you might ever need to run your business, whether it’s your product catalogues, business reports, newsletters, menus, proposal documents, prospectuses, work manuals or anything else. With Yungo Media, you’ll look good in print.
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Your business can be great, and your operations efficient and smooth, but if you don’t know how to get yourself noticed and drive business your way, it won’t matter much. It can be difficult planning a marketing strategy that engages your target demographic in a way that gets you the sale. At Yungo Media, we’ll help you figure out what elements your marketing strategy should comprise and how to roll it out. Whether it’s an online campaign comprising online advertising using adwords, banner ads and a video to spread through social networks, or a traditional print advertising campaign using flyer campaigns, newspapers ads, and bus ads,Yungo Media has you covered. And if you want to tie it all together for an integrated campaign that covers all angles of the demographic, either way, Yungo Media will help you figure it out and make a solid plan.

What about thinking of new ideas, avenues and markets for your business? How can you grow your business and leap-frog your competitors? We’ll help you figure out where the best opportunities lie for the growth of your business and how to take advantage of those new vistas of growth. Let’s start the discussion, draw up the battle plans and go to the next level.

High-End Consulting


Yungo Media is a specialist in high-end consulting services for Mobile Development, Big Data, Web Development and UI/UX Design. We leverage a vast network of top-end talent that is personally vetted to be at an elite level. With our team of developers, solution architects and designers, we take pride in being the hired gun that comes in and solves your most difficult problems. Solving problems and making things work for you is what we do.




Exactly As Long as You Need


But there's more to it than just that.


Our unique offer is that we allow you to enlist our consultants exactly for as long as you need. Take 'em as long as you need 'em - with our full supervision, project management and coordination working to ensure our people are delivering for you. One week, or one year - it's up to you. No restrictions.



Best Rates Around.


Oh, did we mention we have the best rates in the industry?


Highly vetted, top-end consultants for your Mobile Development, Big Data, Web Development and UI/UX Design needs. When you want us. As long as you want us.


That's just how we work. Give us a call and let us get working for you.


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